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This is about the recent events and activities in fellowships.




本週六教會將在Sugar House Park 的 Fabian Lakeside Pavilion舉辦烤肉野餐(BBQ)

本週六(5/12)11:00 AM – 2:00 PM教會將在Sugar House Park 的
Fabian Lakeside Pavilion舉辦烤肉野餐(BBQ)。請邀請同學朋友們


Utah Bridges International & the SLC Chinese Christian Church
invite you to join us for a five week discussion of the video “The Hope”
Through this video you will gain an understanding of the story of the Bible.

Friday Nights at the SLC Chinese Christian Church

Chinese Dinner 7:00-7:30 PM
Video and discussion 7:30—9:00 PM

If you need a ride, e-mail us at
Discussion and Film will be in English
Class will be led by these instructors:
Keith Phinney, Nick Butler and Jeff & Jen Binford